Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A few days ago Dylan Williams passed away. He was a champion for cartoonists everywhere, from half-forgotten Golden Age illustrators, to teenagers self-publishing their first mini-comic. Through first Puppy Toss, and then through his Sparkplug Comic Books he published and distributed the work of many, many emerging cartoonists. He was an iconoclastic artist who always made work to please himself instead of just doing what was popular. He was a man of great conviction. And for several years he was the Laverne to my Shirley.

Please consider ordering books from Sparkplug or purchasing work from the Dylan Williams benefit auctions to help Dylan's wife Emily with his medical costs. We are also planning a Bay Area memorial in the upcoming weeks.

I have posted a few of my photos of Dylan at my Flickr site, and I would love to see more from people who knew him in the 1990's.

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